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Being a homeowner, you pride yourself on having a home you can love and enjoy. But your home pride doesn’t just go for the interior of your house. Keeping your outdoor spaces in trend and looking great can keep you in love with your home. If your garden or yard is looking a bit worse for wear, it might be time you look into some home remodeling. If you’re thinking about improving your outdoor home space, here are some easy outdoor remodeling ideas to mull over; Whether it’s a small yard or a large garden, there’s something to help spruce up whatever outdoor area you have!

Outdoor Fireplace

There’s something relaxing about enjoying summer nights sitting around an outdoor fireplace. If you enjoy the outdoors and being around friends and family, adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to your yard is the perfect home improvement. Fire pits give a luxury camping feel to any outdoor space and make great garden features. Whether you want to sit and roast s'mores like back in your childhood camping days or you just want to enjoy the peacefulness of the summer nights without catching a chill, a fireplace is a 2022 outdoor remodeling trend well worth investing in!


Pergolas are rising in popularity over the current year and are pushing gazebos out of fashion. Pergolas, similar to gazebos, are outdoor structures usually made from wooden beams to create a partially sheltered outdoor structure. You can sit under a pergola and enjoy the best of both worlds, as pergolas don’t have full coverage roofing, so you can enjoy shade and sun whenever you want. Pergolas are outselling gazebos for this feature, as they are perfect for stargazing. To go that step further with your remodeling, you can add fairy lights to your pergolas beaming giving an enchanted fairytale look for the nighttime.

French Doors

While this isn’t technically outdoors, adding french doors as the entrance to your backyard can add heaps of benefits to both inside and outside. Installing big glass patio-style french doors will give your home and yard that perfect transition and tie your outdoor and indoor spaces together. You’ll also get extra light coming through the doors into your home and you’ll be able to open up the doors to get some fresh air in the summer months. French doors are a great addition to any outdoor remodeling project!


If you’re bored of your patio or you want to see something a bit different from flags and grass, try adding decking to your backyard. Decking can add an extra element to your yard and can be added alongside your patio and grass if you choose. If you want to create some leveling, you can have raised decking to separate your decking from the rest of your yard - this is a good option for separating your outdoor seating and eating areas from your children’s play area for example. If treated and looked after, wooden decking can last up to 15 years, so it’s well worth investing in!

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