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If you’re starting a bathroom project this year, then you don’t want to miss out on any stylish bathroom home improvement trends. Making the decision to remodel any part of your home can be a daunting task, and it can be quite a hit to your wallet, too. To save yourself regretting your remodeling decisions in a year or two, it’s best to get a head start with the newest trends on the scene. Here are the best bathroom remodeling trends for 2022!

Floating Vanities

Floating vanity units are great for adding a simple touch of modern and minimalistic style to your bathroom. If you’re wanting a bathroom that’s a little more in line with this year's trends or you want to maximize your bathroom space, floating vanity units with a built-in sink is a great way to achieve this. Floating vanities can instantly transform a bathroom from old and drab to fresh and modern. If you’ve got a bigger budget you can also incorporate some floodlights underneath your vanity units to make your remodeling efforts look even more luxurious.

Open Showers

For those that are very much team shower over team bath, open showers are swiftly making their way into all modern-day bathrooms. More and more people are switching from small and uncomfortable shower cubicles to full-sized wet rooms and walk-in showers and with good reason. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped into a small shower cubicle or feeling the cold wet touch of a shower curtain caressing you while you bathe. Adding an open shower into your bathroom home improvement plans will give you the space you need to comfortably wash while looking stylish enough and tying your entire bathroom design together nicely. Not only does an open shower give you more room but it can also make your home more accessible for guests and increase your home's value in the long run! Wet rooms and walk-in showers are great options for those that can’t easily climb into a bathtub due to age or disability, so if you’re looking to transform your bathroom with your elderly years in mind, an open shower might be a good option for you.

Statement Stone Features

Whether it’s your bathtub or your tiling, using stone material as a statement feature is one of the top remodeling trends seen throughout bathroom home improvements this year. While definitely on the pricier side of home remodeling budgets, real stone tiling can be the feature piece your bathroom has been lacking. If you’re on a tight budget or want to save some money to splash out on some other trending features, there are plenty of ceramic tiles with marble, onyx, and other stone-effect patterns that look just as good as the real deal! If it’s a stone bathtub you’re after, real stone will be better, as natural stone can retain up to ten times the amount of heat compared to acrylic baths and are by far the more durable choice.


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