Are you sick and tired of your old and worn-out kitchen? If you’re bored of your outdated kitchen, it might be time to do some home remodeling to bring the joy back into your home. There are hundreds of kitchen home improvement and remodeling features, so it can be hard to pick the best features for you. Here are a few of the top trending kitchen remodeling features you should be looking at for your kitchen update!

Statement Sinks

For the longest time kitchens have been dominated by colorful cabinets and flashy worktops. Things are finally taking a turn for the better, with statement sinks becoming more and more in fashion as the year progresses. Bold-colored sinks like brass, gold, and copper are a great way to add a secondary accent color to your kitchen and can often pair with your tap, too. If a colorful sink isn’t what you had in mind for your remodeling, you could opt for a more minimalistic patterned ceramic sink, like a fluted farmhouse pattern or a natural granite sink - these blend in beautifully with neutral colored kitchens and give that little extra spice when it comes to decor.

Home Bars

Since the pandemic, we’ve all gotten used to the stay-at-home life, and that includes drinking, too! Now we’d much rather stay in with a glass of wine than go out to bars and clubs. If you’re a fan of a good rose or you enjoy entertaining guests, adding a home bar in your kitchen, no matter how big or small, will be a huge showstopper. Depending on how much alcohol you like to collect, you can insert a drinks cabinet into your kitchen equipped with spotlights for an extra flair of elegance.

Integrated Appliances

From fridge freezers and ovens to kettles and toasters, nowadays it’s all about hiding those household kitchen appliances for a clutter-free and streamlined kitchen. When looking to make some kitchen home improvements, making the move to integrated appliances will keep your kitchen looking on-trend. Larger appliances can be built into your cabinets to match your kitchen’s aesthetic while smaller appliances on your countertops can be hidden with secret stations. Integrating your appliances will leave your kitchen looking neat and minimalistic at all times!

Hot Water Taps

An up-and-coming kitchen remodeling feature is the hot water tap. No longer do we wish to sit and wait by the kettle to get hot water, instead, we want things instantly or as close to it as possible. With a hot water tap, you’ll have boiling water in a matter of seconds, so no more heating up pans of water or boiling your kettle. Not only are hot water taps faster and more convenient, but they also free up some extra space in your kitchen, as you’ll no longer have the need for a kettle. You’ll also be making a saving on your bills too, as it takes up far less energy to run a hot water tap than it does to boil a kettle!

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